Slow the Fire

by Mother Moses

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released July 1, 2014

All songs written by Jon Cox
Jon Cox - guitar, Vocals, Banjo
Ellen Shultz - Vocals, Banjo, Cello
Dylan Vadakin - Drums
Steve Bunce - Bass, Vocals
Catherine Parke - Violin
Katy Bloom - Vocals on Bones and Skin
Keegan Van Gorder - Vocals on Beneath The Trees
Kevin Erskine - Banjo on Tiny Giant
Cover Photo - Jake McClellan
Mixed, recorded and Joed by Joe Saliba
Mastering - Saff Mastering



all rights reserved


Mother Moses Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mother Moses is a Folk/Rock band that was formed in 2013 by singer, songwriter, and guitarist Jon Cox. The band consists of Jon, Ellen Shultz on guitar and vocals, Collin Dennen on bass, and Adam Shumski on drums.

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Track Name: There's Smoke There's Fire
I can see where there's smoke there's fire
we cant all overcome our desires
If the sun falls, and when it breaks
I'll catch my face on everything it takes

The line between good and evil is thin
Lord knows the devil sees you in your skin
The day the night meet but not for that long
The air is colder than a fist is strong
colder than a fist is strong

I can hear the silence speak to me
like the breeze speaks to the breeze
If the suns gone, If you're afraid
we'll live in darkness to entertain
Track Name: Cage Door Swinging
The tigers tamed yet so am I
Breeding change leave the cage door swinging
oh just like a breath of sky
That we hold in our palms soon breathing
Giving birth to yourself aint so hard
Break the egg, come on out now
lets say my eyes were made of cloth
Silver string tied to, all Im seeing

Bark covers trees, Skull covers my mind
Roots and feet are planted oh so tight
Holes just get deeper when shovels are all you find

I am told to walk a line paper thin
Please fear sin and all its makings
Oh your god If he were a man he'd understand
To live in fear is why I'm aching

but a tigers eyes aren't tied to string nor are mine
Track Name: Wind and Stone
Call it Wind call it Stone
Call it all the things you think you know
Call it grass call it bone
Call it all the things you think you know

Soon dust will climb from the cracks you thought you knew
Soon death will mark all the colors on your bones

Call it God
Call it Gold
Call it all the things you think you hold
You say it's right I say it's wrong
you say its the only thing that I know

Soon your memories will be dreams set with the sun
Soon Death will mark all the time you spent alone

You say its white I say its black
You say its the only color that I see
Track Name: Trails
There's another man on my trail
He's trying to find his way
He's Stepping all on my Tracks
Trails, those trails

Go ahead take my breath away
Who am I in your lonely eyes

There's another man on my trail
I'm trying to keep my grace
He's stepping all on my tracks
Trails, those trails
Track Name: Bones and Skin
My mind's gone south for winter like a bird on its rightful track
I am flightless wondering If spring will ever bring my mind back All my pennies have been tossed, Im to disturbed to even feel the loss

There's an old house on the corner ghosts line up in the halls
There's nothing but a brick wall and an inch of sky in their way
From the lives they once lived, they've given all that they can give

Meet me in that field bring my mind
What will my ghost say when its trapped
When its trapped
My minds trapped

There's an old man on his front porch with nothing left but his past
And he wonders how beginnings and ends grow together that fast

Our souls will be lifted by winds without a sound
I feel that there's a lot more to death than going up or down
My friends will die and they will live
Some of us are just blessed with more time to sin
Track Name: A Borrowed Window
Fate is a fairy tail to be admired
I pound my fist into the dust the dust rises higher
We will peer through a borrowed window, but not for long
Just as long as we can get a grasp of ourselves

Take me to a place where I don't expect the unexpected
We look through a borrowed window beyond all our senses

We are fated by our placement
Hell is no more than heavens basement
We're all in the same house, lets face it
Track Name: The Eyes of Some
I watch my words they fly like birds
Across meadows we call our mouths
I throw my stones like they wont fall
yet they build to form a large stone wall

My reckless echos pierce so loud
canyons crumble to the ground

We must recall that we are sons
And daughters in the eyes of some

We'll sleep through winter to avoid the cold
Slept for thirty years too late we're old
When we returned back home the ice had thawed
So we'll sit in the sun to dry our bones
Track Name: Shadows Only Sun
With out a doubt I'll be buried in the ground
With out a doubt I'll be my shadows only sun
With out a doubt I'll see flowers die yet bloom again

The morning light coats the table side
People press their faces against the glass
But they'll find that there's

Not much to see here
We are limited by years
I'm my shadows only sun
We are shadows in the sun

There's no way I wont feel
the weight of the world and all its worth
In the dark there's nothing you can't find Except for everything you can see
Track Name: Slow the Fire
Slow down the brush is on fire
Slow the fire
The view from the top seems so serene
But If you don't stop the flames just get higher

Slow down the brush is on fire
Slow the fire

The city moves faster than your breath on my skin
The city on my skin
Im looking past your bar covered streets
22 breaths cold at my knees please please please

Slow down the brush is on fire
Slow the fire
Track Name: Beneath The Trees
The leaves won't fall far from the tree
And we won't see further than the leaves
The rain still rests beneath the sea
just like the kid at the core of me

The sun wont shine further than its reach
And if light strikes you pretty damn hard
well, you've got both feet on the ground

The mud still sinks beneath my feet
Water dirt keeps me on my feet

If light strikes you pretty damn hard, well
You've got both feet on the ground

And birds fly high higher than the trees
so does the truth to you and me